7 ways to do low-cost marketing for small businesses with tight budget

7 ways to do low-cost marketing for small businesses with tight budget

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To get customers, you have to market your business. But if you do not have a lot of money, you can hardly run billboards, radios or other expensive forms. You need to find effective marketing methods, low cost and high return on investment (ROI). Here are seven ideas for a low-cost marketing campaign.

1. Social media

Most people use social media. Therefore, your business must also be there.
You can pay for social media advertising to reach more customers. However, its cost is quite high. A bit tricky, you have a way to do marketing on this medium for free.

For example, some businesses allow customers to write reviews on Facebook fanpage. Encourage customers who have a good experience with you to make positive reviews. Thanks to that, others will read the compliments.

By means of social media, you can also produce content that encourages people to buy, post new photos or videos, offer discount codes, or online competition.

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2. Website

Every small business needs a website. When customers search the company’s website, your website will appear first. In the case of customers looking for products or services in your area, your business website is among the top results. You need to improve your site’s search results through SEO.

So, what makes the website effective? That is: business information must be clear, people can easily find the company address, business hours, and contact information. The website must also have basic information about the product or service you offer, customer reviews and blog site.

3. Business cooperation

Try to work with a local business to promote each other. For example, you can give customers a coupon of a business partner and vice versa. Or two businesses can promote each other in email marketing.

Find partners that can complement each other, related to your field. For example, a sandwich shop can work with ice cream parlors.

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4. Increase the brand identity on means of transport

A very effective low-cost marketing you can do if your company has regular transportation, consider putting your company logo and information on it. Paint the whole car is quite expensive, you can choose sticker, decal on the car body, rear glass …

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5. Notice board on the sidewalk

If your company is located on a main road where there are many people walking, especially pedestrians, try placing a notice board on the sidewalk outside the company. You can list what you sell, or announce new items. Customers who are there may stop to find out more about your business.

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6. Local media

You can send press releases, connect with local media to promote communication for business.

Remember, reporters will not include information about advertising, sales. You always have to buy ads for this information. However, if your business has useful, special, and valuable information to share, it will be posted for free.

7. Marketing to existing customers

The last low-cost marketing strategy is to re-marketing to your own customer. This is a great way to improve your business. They are the ones who have made your purchase, so try to convert them into loyal customers who repeat purchases often.

When someone purchases, ask them permission to you to add them to the mailing list. Then send your coupons, product updates, and business news. Sending emails or Email marketing helps businesses to fade in the minds of their customers and gives them more opportunities to make purchases from you.

You should also have a referral program. You encourage customers to introduce new customers to your business by offering gifts, discounts to them

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