Choosing a website platform for your business

Choosing a website platform for your business

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This article is about to tell you the advantages and disadvantages of some of the most popular e-commerce platform so that you can choose a right website platform for your online business


Opencart is an open source e-commerce also quite well known before and used by many Shop for their website.
Opencart also possesses full features for an e-commerce website such as Purchasing, Promotional, Inventory, Taxation, Shipping, etc. And it has the advantage of fast page loading.
However, after spending some time there are some disadvantages that I do not want to use it anymore:
  • Data entry difficult

Opencart inputing process is not optimized, how long does it take? Many parts such as product path, product name, … it can not do automatically but you have to fill in manually which is time consuming.

Importing photo is very annoying and it is not easy to find photos since they aren’t sorted in the order of the latest one like other platforms

If your website has many products then it is a nightmare.

  • Limited Plugin support & high price

Opencart’s plugins are not as varied and very expensive. It’s also very difficult to use if you’re a non-professional.

  • Community Users, little developers.

This causes the source code to be poor, when you need it very little for your support. Code is also rarely updated or new version. This makes your website not up to date, it is really a disadvantage if it is a sales website because the tools to increase the conversion rate of customers and the connection of social channels is almost essential.

So, if you do a new sales website then I advise you not to do with Opencart because there are so many more current source code optimized for you

2. Private CMS Code

There are many website designers use the CMS code which was created specifically to make the website for customers with all kinds of cost to more than 10 thousand dollars. Many people are interested in showing off their Website as customized code, mistakenly thinking that they have invested several thousand dollars in having their own code, not open source code. This thinking is wrong due to some reasons:

  • Private code will be great if you have money to invest and to hire high-level code programmers for yourself. Otherwise it is very error-prone because it is less verifiable to run.
  • Do you think your code will be difficult to hack? Mistake, because the programmer will not be able to secure your code when your Website costs only a few thousand. Why is there an open source concept that can be easily hacked underneath it?
  • Your site will never be updated. The programmer is not sure that he is still working, the cost to add this feature, the other feature will be very high. To find other people to do, most programmers do not have free time to find out the code of another guy wrote to update you. They will recommend you to rework the Web. That’s it! 


Magento Ecommerce Website Platform is very powerful and professional. Currently, there are many large Ecommerce Website using this source code because of its preeminent features for online business.

Previously, using Magento was quite difficult because the source code was quite picky and very heavy. The original installer was around 300mb.


If you need a professional eCommerce Website, many products, large scale and budget, you can use this code as it is really powerful and professional.
If your need is just Website shop, easy to use within a tight budget, you should not be use Magento. It will be very wasteful and unnecessary.

I myself do not use Magento because it takes times and more complex than the other source code

4. Woocommerce (WordPress)

Woocommerce is essentially a plugin that supports sales of the WordPress platform. However, with the advantage of development community and the largest user, after long time developing, Woocommerce has become a powerful and flexible platform for online business ever with a lot of advantages.


  • Very easy to use, and cheap.
  • Huge development community. Tens of thousands of WordPress Plugins support you. You just have to use the Plugin free is already great. When you ask for answers, there are many forums, websites that support you.
  • Because of the growing community, you will not have any difficulty hiring people to upgrade or edit the Website
  • Inherit the advantages of WordPress: Good SEO, news is also supported professionally because the original WordPress platform is Website blogging, news.
  • Stay up-to-date with free updates.
  • Large interface board: Free of charge, Pay a fee, Null yes. Paid interfaces you can buy at major theme markets such as Themeforest, Envato, .. are customized, optimized very well. You can edit the Website color, edit the Website with the selection operation, drag and drop is very simple.
  • When you use it you will find its great convenience and extensible. When you install the necessary plugins properly and fully, you will want to throw all the websites you have used. Believe me! So far after a while I found out the plugin is great for your Website.


  • Many people think that WordPress Website is vulnerable to hacking. This is partly due to the fact that most of them are hacked because they or their website designers use themes or plugins that are shared on the infected network.
  • You will spend more time looking after your website. And you need to know a bit of code if you want to make yourself.
  • If too many speed products can be slow. (about 1000 products or more because my website has about 1000 products but is still running good)

After a long time researching and using a lot of different platforms, all of my websites are with WordPress. Actually, after using you know its great features. As I currently have not discovered all because of the number of plugins too.

You can do from Website Book Ticket, Forum, Product Introduction, …. from WordPress using the Plugins.

SEO or data entry is also great thanks to powerful tools.

Since I’m a user and sales person (not a coder), what I need is ease of use, good sales support.

 If you are a beginner who don’t have much experience in Website design, please read the article: Website Design for Startup.
You can read more articles: How does your business not be affected  every time Facebook change?
Build your own website, do not rely on Facebook. Turn it into a channel to make money, not to become a slave advertising money. The website represents your business, and Facebook is just as a rental hedgehog, they can kick you off at any time because of their play on the field, obeying their laws.

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