5 websites to create logo for your blog – 100% free!

5 websites to create logo for your blog – 100% free!

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You are trying to create a logo for your blog.

But you do not know how to use graphics software such as Photoshop, Illustrator …

You do not know who can help you design logo for blogs …

You do not even have the money to hire a service.

Then in this article you will be able to quickly create a logo completely free without any special skills at all.

Create a logo for your blog with 5 free services

*** Note: Most of the services below will help you create a free logo online, but they also offer a paid option so you can own high quality image files. However, for the purpose of a logo to brand the blog, the free option is enough.

1. Graden Logo (www.logograden.com)

This website allows you to create a very simple logo by the following actions: Choose what your blog is, then select the appropriate icon, add text as well as slogan …

create free logo for your blog coffee news hamilton

Once you are satisfied with the logo design, just click “Save & Download your logo” to create an account and download the image file.

2. Free Logo Services (www.freelogoservices.com)

With this service, creating a blog logo is easy, your job is to select the field of the blog, enter the logo, enter the slogan …

design logo for you business free tool coffee news

Then you will be offered a series of logo designs with simplicity but also very modern. You just select a template to download or also click the “Edit Logo” button to edit the color, font …

design logo for you business free tool coffee news 3

3. Logogenie (www.Logogenie.net)

With Logogenie you can create very modern logos

After choosing a logo you can also click directly on the template and edit colors, icons, text … Then simply create an account and download the logo file for yourself.


4. Squarespace (www.logo.squarespace.com)

With Squarespace you can create your own logo with 3 steps in a few minutes. First you just enter the trade name for the blog (for example domain name).

Then, enter relevant keywords to find the most suitable logo in your field.


Finally, you can edit colors, select symbols, add text …

cach tao logo cho blog mien phi

Then click “Save Logo” to download the image file.

5. Shopify Logo Maker (www.hatchful.shopify.com)

This is a tool to help you create logo online completely free from Shopify. Similar to the above tools, you just select the field, the appropriate design type.

The only downside to this tool is that the logo design is made up of symbols in each category, so that sometimes your logo idea may be duplicated by others.

So with this article Ngoc hopes to introduce you some tools to help create a logo for free completely without requiring any skill related to how professional graphics tool. Basically if you know the combinations you can still create beautiful logos, suitable for the blog itself with the tools above.


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