Should the blog post content be SHORT or LONG?

Should the blog post content be SHORT or LONG?

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Sometimes you find difficult to write a blog. Coffee News in Hamilton will suggest you how to write a great blog post for your reader. Should it be Long or Short?

Reading long content is like eating a full plate of chicken
Reading short content is like eating a tiny piece of chicken.

If the chicken is good you will be able to eat off the chicken plate with extreme feeling, if the chicken is not good you just bite a piece and always remove chicken plate. Eating chicken flakes now becomes torture. Meaning that with long content you are forced to write or let people read to read otherwise they just read the title and then change it

On the contrary, if the chicken plate has only a tiny piece of chicken. People will eat it, sometimes when cravings, or when the chicken is not good, there is nothing to eat anymore. But it may not be enough if the chicken is too small. And yet not enough energy to act. That means that with too short content it may not be enough to press the client to act, even though they are easier to read.

So how to write content that is long enough but short enough?
You should do the following:
– List of bullet points from beginning to end: this step do not care short or long, you care enough or not. Do not think that you are high, just think for good content, just keep the content short, please pay attention to the reason that customers buy enough? And that’s it. In this step you note the key first, write down what the customer is interested in choosing the product
– The next step is to make it easy to understand, these ideas will be implemented each clause, sentence, paragraph
– The last step is to shorten: this is the step to remove the excess words, excess sentences out of the article content. First you mark the keywords. Keywords are words that are important in the sentence help sentence meaning, the keyword sentence no longer meaning. Make sure you keep the keyword, the keyword will not be removed, you will express a new keyword without keywords, for example:
How do you write an ad? The keyword is “write ad”, the next keyword is the order. And we will rewrite the sentence to “Write a Stormy Ad?” If you notice you will see the word ‘storm’ is the most equivalent, the word “how?” Is equivalent to the question mark “?” So the sentence is shorter and more meaningful, and looks better?


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