How to create a website on Hostinger if you don’t know coding

How to create a website on Hostinger if you don’t know coding

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If you have created a hosting account, normally, the next step is to create a website and let people access it all over the world. However, there is a small problem, you do not know coding and do not know starting from scratch. Do not worry – the Internet has reached the point where people can create websites without being programmers. In fact, you do not need to know any programming language to create a website, especially on Hostinger: you can use content management system like WordPress, you can also use Website Builder. Your website will be ready to publish to the web in minutes.

The following tutorial will guide you to create a website in three specific steps:

Step 1 – Select the content management platform

Step 2 – Choose the best domain and hosting

Step 3 – Install and setup the site

Step 1 – Choose the platform for your website

Before you start, you need to determine how you do the site. Basically, we will have three main options for creating the site:

Use CMS: Imagine a content management system (CMS) as a high-level tool to help you make a website, design a website, and create content for it. There are three most famous CMS brands in the world: WordPress, Drupal and Joomla! Both of these 3 CMS are free and open source, but WordPress predominates because it is the most powerful and universal CMS. All three use PHP as the background, and there are templates / themes for you to design the site interface, without requiring programming knowledge. Community support is also great, although Joomla! And Drupal can not compare to WordPress in terms of usability, simplicity, and flexibility. So WordPress is always the first choice for beginners, and in this article, we will use CMS WordPress as an example to guide you to create the site.

Using Website Builder: The problem of automation in making a website reach new heights when website builders begin to exist. Firstly, the options and options are limited, the design is also framed in the options, however, after several years the website builder has found a foothold in the modern website system. Although compared to CMS, the website builder can not be customized much, but in return it is very fast, effective, and seems to be the perfect tool for those who have just started learning web site, but do not want to lose. Too much time to learn. Especially website builder with drag-drop capabilities can take you only 5 minutes to complete your website.

Write code from 0: The third option is if you already know how to write code, you can also start building on the number 0.

Step 2 – Select Hosting and Domain Name for website

Basically, Hosting is where you put all your website files into it, so your visitors’ browser can download the data as needed. Domain, on the other hand, is a unique address that you choose, related to your brand so that visitors can type that domain name into the browser. In short, you need at least web hosting and domain name for a website. Take a look at the ways to choose the right web hosting and domain name for your website:

Selecting Web Hosting

A good web hosting provider in the long run, should ensure the requirements of quality standards, performance, and availability. Hostinger offers extremely cheap web hosting but never overlooked the standards (even constantly updated to provide more services). The following are some of the reasons why you should choose Hostinger, or service providers who can provide web hosting as Hostinger:

  • Hostinger hosting is optimized for WordPress (optimized for WP CLI, WordPress caching, yes.)
  • You will get a proprietary website builder to make a perfect website by dragging
  • PHP website runs smoothly on Hostinger hosting. And it’s friendly to programmers. You can run Laravel, CodeIgniter, GIT integration and SSH access to the server at any time.
  • For security, Hostinger also provides SSL certificates to ensure secure connection to your site
  • Allow for a 30-day trial, hands-on experience with all the services that you will officially purchase
  • If you opt for the premium or the business package, you will get a free domain name.
  • You can create as many email addresses as you like (yes, private email by domain)
  • If your site is down, our technical support team will be available 24/7/365 to help you.
  • 1-click install right all famous CMSs including WordPress, Joomla !, Drupal, yes yes.

Select a domain

Simply put, a domain name is your website name. So choose carefully before buying because that is the name that people must remember to type in the browser. Find out what’s hot and cool like or Your website has a favorable start or not thanks to it.

Here are some criteria for choosing your domain:

Short: No one will be patient enough to type Google but with a bigger
Associated with the brand: Your domain name should help the visitor visualize what your business is.
Choose the right extended domain: after dot (.) Will be .com, .net, .org. You should consider choosing .com, however if you need a unique domain name, choosing .io, .tech, .xyz may also be a bad choice.
You try to pronounce it feel how? Domain names should be easy to pronounce, to be able to pass easily between your customers right?
Like other hosting services, Hostinger can also help you find and register domain names. Moreover, if you purchase one of our hosting packages over 1 year, Hostinger will register your domain name for free. Great isn’t it?

Step 3 – Conduct site creation

Option 1 – Use CMS to create website

CMS stands for content management system, you can understand it is the foundation for website building. It can be used to create blogs, informational sites, businesses, or forums, wikipedia sites and more that you can imagine.

In recent years, CMS has become the best choice for anyone who wants to build a website without coding.

There are hundreds of different CMS, each with advantages and disadvantages. If you want to start and create your first website, use one of the following user-friendly CMSs:

WordPress – the world’s most popular CMS. Built for blogs but can be used to make every kind of website easy.
Joomla – Good for e-commerce sites or social networks, however, also need to learn to
Drupal – very powerful but requires basic knowledge of CSS and HTML knowledge

There are many CMSs that can be installed using Hostinger’s Auto Installer tool. Here’s an example of how to create a WordPress:

Access the Hostinger control panel and select Auto installer.

Enter WordPress in the search engine and select WordPress.

Fill in the information and press the Install button.

WordPress has been successfully installed.


As you can see it only takes a few minutes to install WordPress with the hostinger’s auto installer. If you are not sure where to start with WordPress, take a look at the following guides.

Option 2 – Create Website with Website Builder

Another way to create a website on Hostinger is to use the Builder website. It’s perfect for anyone who does not want to touch the lines of code in CMS.

The drag-and-drop feature makes it easy to use – you can choose any information: letters, images, galleri labels or forms from the website easily.

Hostinger site builder starts with over 100 cool, friendly search and responsive templates. This means that your website will be great both on your computer and on the go without sacrificing effort.

Continue the steps below to create a site with Site Builder:

On the Hostinger control panel, select the Website Builder item.

Choose the template you like

Use the menu above to add text, images, buttons and forms from your website. You can create the same website as below.


Once done, press the Publish button and your website will be created without any effort.

Method 3 – Create a website manually

If you want to learn something new, create a website from white paper! The Internet is full of real and teleological communication:


Hostinger also grants all necessary rights before hosting it on a modem one day). Hostinger Coupon can register premium package, provide all necessary features of the current website: PHP 5.2 – 7 versions, MySQL, SSH and Git support.

Once you have created the website, transfer the data using the FTP client manager.

By completing this tutorial you learned how to use the Hostinger control panel to create your website.

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