Select Hosting and VPS 2018 – Why Hostinger Reliable?

Select Hosting and VPS 2018 – Why Hostinger Reliable?

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Hostinger Introduction

Hostinger is one of the best web hosting companies and it develops the fastest global branch in the history of the web hosting industry, with professional customer care, server set points and development centers around the world. modern water in the world. Hostinger Group is a recognized member of the ICANN-level domain organization.

* Powerful Web Server with SSD, designed to run seamlessly without downtime, perfect for PHP, MySQL and Cpanel web hosting. Hostinger’s uptime web server is more than perfect and reaches 99.99% with real evidence from the past. Thousands of good reviews of Hostinger around the world.

* Multi-lingual Live Chat and ticketing system running 24/7/365 days without any delay

* Many of the advanced web hosting features that Hostinger offers such as: Unlimited web hosting with disk space Limitations, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited number of websites.

* Website Builder is easy to use and WordPress is optimized. Hostinger also guarantees a 30 day trial without any risk! So there is no reason not to try Hostinger’s unlimited web hosting service!


Here are some key features and benefits when using Hostinger hosting

1. Create unlimited website on a Hostinger account: This is the advantage I listed first because it is essential information for those who want to create many websites. With each hosting account set up you will create many websites for each domain name.

2. Unlimited SSD Disk Space: The storage of data is extremely important, so with SSD disk space you can freely deploy the idea from a large to a small website. Absolutely not to think about the magnitude of the data

3. Unlimited Bandwidth: Unlimited bandwidth will make your website faster when users visit. Users can search or do anything on your website without worrying about being slow or lagging

4. MySQL database is not limited to: Like SSD disk space, MySQL database is unlimited so you can store all that you have, it is unlimited.

5. FTP Unlimited: You can freely allow anyone or anyone to access files on your website through the FTP client.

6. Unlimited Email Accounts: Have you ever wondered about the website’s email address such as: This is the mailing address of the website created by the owner. With each domain name you can create as many email addresses as you like. The management of Email is simple, it has its own management page and the sending is as simple as Google Gmail

7. Website Builder is easy to use: This is a good point for those who want to build website while not knowing about programming or information. Creating a website is extremely simple, just drag and drop and add content easily

8. Powerful Control Panel: With its easy-to-use interface and full control, the Host Panel Control Panel is extremely powerful.

9. Speed Optimized WordPress 2X: According to my assessment, the speed of WordPress website when newly installed and tested tester GTmetrix is quite good, although you also need some other methods to help website to become faster

10. Free domain name (1 year package): You will get free domain name if you register to use Hosting package 1 year or more.

11. Unlimited Subdomains: With each major domain, you can create an unlimited number of subdomains. Subdomains are used for many purposes in the static content hosting to help the website. Your faster and smoother. Its main domain is, the generated subdomain will look like this:

12. Many versions of PHP: This is extremely beneficial, with each version of PHP have different advantages and disadvantages, but usually high version will bring the performance and speed of the site becomes better.

13. 30-day money back guarantee: If you register for a hosting trial on Hostinger, after 30 days you will be refunded the amount paid in advance. This is a program that assists Hostinger in assuring trust as well as evaluating customer satisfaction

14. Customer support enthusiasts: Hostinger’s consulting team – support is very great. You can ask for anything related to the hosting, domain or website that they support so far, when you solve the problem only. Another thing is that their support team is so crowded that they change their shouts so their reply box is always available 24 hours a day.

At the advantage of not talking about the purchase price of hosting because I found Hostinger, although relatively cheap compared to some other vendors, but actually it does not differ much. Mostly I see the advantages and disadvantages of it to decide Hostinger is the right choice


There are some minor bugs that happen but usually you do not know how to fix them so you need to ask the support staff, they will help you 24/24 very promply

I have used other hosting service but then I used Hostinger for my 3 websites as a reliable partner. Another thing I want to share is that when I have a problem and need help from the support team, they always offer the best and free solution. If you would like to subscribe to Hostinger‘s service, please visit here

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